salvation belt

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We have developed a patented salvation belt making it easier to salvage a person in a MOB situation.

The belt is fitted with a lock that prevents the person from slipping through the belt and can be used safely even if the person is unconscious.
Today, the belt is in use in all Danish SAR and inspection vessels.
We also offer a smaller version which can be used on pleasure craft plus versions for older sailings ships and for helicopter SAR operations.

How it works

The sling is placed under the person from the legs up to the chest. When in place, give the hauling line a quick tug in order that the sling releases at 1 and 2. Push the fork with the clamp towards the chest of the person until the sling fits tightly. Remove the fork. The person is now ready to be hauled in.

Foldable version available

At the request of large shipping companies on a fork to a rescue harness that can be folded, so that it is easier to stow away, we have now developed one.
The fork can be stowed away, either in the accommodation or in a mob-boat, while the rescue harness is still mounted on the fork, the movable jaw can simply be rotated into position. Check for proper belt fixation, and the fork is ready for use.